Thursday, March 20, 2008

Positioning Paper (Rough Draft)

TO: James E. Mullenbach and the Board of Trustees
FROM: The "A" Team
Re: Building Burger Planet’s image to appeal to women ages 30-40.

Mr. Mullenbach and the board,

We are excited about the implications of the new drive to build Burger Planet’s image to appeal to women ages 30-40.

These talking points will make this transition a success:

Leader in offering quality fast healthy food
Drive for customer satisfaction
Ability to appeal to everyone

By focusing on the above talking points we will be able to accomplish the objective of appealing to women ages 30-40. We will also solidify Burger Planet as the industry leader in offering fast healthy food, and we will show the planet that we are always striving to achieve the best customer service possible by appealing to any ones diet,

In the book “Psychology of Dieting”, Sarah Gilbert discuses how now more than ever Americans are worried about their health. People are concerned about their health. Burger Planet needs to continue to pioneer fast food as a healthy option as well as an easy option.

As we move forward with the campaign to improve Burger Planet’s image, it is imperative that we do not throw traditions that have made us successful. As we continue to adapt to our customers and their wants, we will continue to be the leader in offering fast healthy food.

We are excited to continue on this project and look forward to the continued dominance of Burger Planet in the fast food industry.


The A team

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Jessica Collett said...

I thought you sounded great and professional